Rihanna Drops ‘Diamonds’ Music Video [Video]

PopoutHate it or love it?? Rihanna video for ‘Diamonds’ dropped and we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure.

What we’d like to know is whether or not you’re feelin’ this one?

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Rihanna Rockin A Gold Grill


Rihanna Seen Wearing A Gold Grill Over Her Teeth

It’s a shame Rihanna didn’t wear these to the VMAs, because A$AP Rocky would’ve definitely appreciated the gold grill look. The popstar hit her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica for dinner last night rocking a pair of gold grills with her new pixie cut.

We’re not sure that dinner is the best time to wear grills, but Rih seemed to be really feeling them for the evening. She didn’t try to hide them either, wearing pastel pink lipstick to accentuate her gold mouthful.

She’s such a “rebel”…


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Another Teen Killed Over a Pair Of NIKE’s!!!


Nike Foamposite Killer Kills 19-Year Old Captured On Film


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Dwayne Wade & Gabriel Union Jetted From London To Lake Geneva

According to theybf: Over in Switzerland, Gabby Union was swept to yet another country during her boyfriend Dwyane Wade’s off season.  The twosome jetted from London over to Lake Geneva yesterday to attend a Hublot event.  And they looked happy as pie to be sipping champagne, looking fab and living it up.

Dwyane kept it dapper in his neutral two-toned double-breasted Tom Ford suit and custom designed DelToro shoes.  While Gabby kept it sexy in an Alexander Wang dress, Brian Atwood shoes and a Mulberry bag. Kissy kissy!

I really don’t like to see him!


Pics: Cheryl McClean/Black Celeb Kids

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Kim K Loves the Shoes Kanye Got Her, but They’re Ugly as Hell

Kim Kardashian is being clowned by the media for wearing a really ugly pair of shoes, just because they were purchased by her boyfriend, Kanye West.

Kanye bought Kim a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels, which are made of calf leather and embroidered pearls.  The total cost?  $6,000.  But apparently, money can’t buy class or style, since the shoes don’t seem to go so well with her outfit.

Instead of just being “The Perfect B**ch,” Kim is now the perfect b**ch in ugly shoes.  Damn.

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For The Love Of Jay-Z & Beyonce: Nail Art Gone Too Far

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl you RATCHET!

How far will you go to show off your love for your favorite artist? Most will go to the extreme with a tattoo or two. But one fan took it her love for Bey & Jay to her own hands….

Beyonce caused a buzz this week around the web when she posted up a fan’s nails that featured artwork of her and Jay-z. Although many thought it was Bey paying tribute to her and Jay’s royal coupledom, those are obviously not Beyonce’s hands.

The nail art was done by Naomi Nails NYC.

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Joseline Hernandez Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Performs Her New Song

Joseline “Jose” Hernandez Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Performs Her New Song, Rides For Stevie J, Talks Engagement Ring, And Mimi Being A “Non Factor” [Video]


Joseline Hernandez Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Talks About Mimi And Her Engagement Ring

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Amber Rose Wears A Head-wrap For Her Smirnoff Vodka Event

Amber Rose covered up-that doesn’t happen too often!

According to theybf:

While her fiance Wiz Khalifa globe trots on an international tour, Amber Rose is handling her Smirnoff Vodka spokeswoman duties back home in Philadelphia.  And the bride-to-be looks like she’s going for an even more subdued look as she’s covered from head to knee…and is pulling back on that platinum blonde hair dye.


Amber kept it simple and subdued as she rocked a flowy white dress in place of her usual body con dressed.  At the PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits store in Philadelphia yesterday, the model/rapper arm-piece pubbed her Fluffed Marshmallow and Whipped Cream Flavored Smirnoff Vodkas.  And made sure to dress it up, since last time she rocked this dress it was for jet setting in sneakers, with heels and green diamond chandelier earrings.

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R.I.P Baby Girl: Heaven Sutton


The latest number signifying how bad Chicago’s violence has become is a small one: 7.

That’s how old Heaven Sutton was when she died Wednesday night of a gunshot to the back.  She was selling candy at a stand in front of her house when someone down the street opened fire. A stray bullet struck her as she ran to the safety of her home.

“She loved to sing, dance and crack jokes.  And she always smiled,” her mother, Ashake Banks, told ABC News.  Banks had opened the stand to keep a closer watch on and protect children in her violent neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.  “There was already shooting in the neighborhood,” she said. “So I figured that if I set up a big tent and a candy store, it would keep the kids in the middle of the block instead of going down to the [corners] where all the activity was.”

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Kanye West’s Yeezy 2 Sneaker Sells For Over $80,000 On eBay

This is CRAY

Kanye West’s Yeezy 2 Sneaker Sells For Over $80,000 On eBay

As sneakerhead’s all across the world line up and camp out for Nike’s new release of the limited edition Yeezy II shoes, the more digitally inclined fashionistos have taken to eBay to see if they can’t score a pair. Unfortunately for them, Kanye’s kicks are currently selling for ASTRONOMICAL prices!

How astronomical you ask?

For those with poor vision, that price reads $80,500.99. That’s right, sellers of these coveted shoes want Porsche Panamera money for a pair of SHOES!!


Image via eBay

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