Nicki Minaj Just Played You Black Women Like Stupid Hoes: New Music Video-“Stupid Hoe” :

Nicki Minaj has just animated your weekend with the premiere of the glorified Lil’ Kim diss track “Stupid Hoe.”

This candy-coated Hype Williams production features many of the aspects we’ve come to expect from Nicki: An array of wigs, pink Lamborghinis, pop colors and jokes about her a$$. But she also borrows some elements from Grace Jones’ portfolio like the backwards leg grab and the savage cage scene.

And since she’s hanging on to that Feb 14 release date for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, you can expect promotion for the album to hit full force in coming weeks. With the line “2012, I’m at the Super Bowl” Nicki basically confirms that she and M.I.A. will be premiering their anticipated single “Give Me All Your Love” with Madonna during Super Bowl Halftime Feb. 7. We’re looking forward to that.

Madam Prezident’s Response: I’m not feeling it! what kinda pisses me off-Only us black women can get fed any kind of music & it’s acceptable! Why Brittany Spears, Avril, Taylor Swift, write music like  “STUPID HOE”-Honestly Only us black women get treated like the “Stupid Hoes”-Watch a million Stupid hoes bump this shit! SMH

Watch the video below: