20 Year Old Arrested for Threatening To “Kill Whites” In La Plata Maryland

Carlos Hollins


20 year old Carlos Hollins has been arrested for threatening to kill white people in La Plata Maryland. The young man went to his Twitter account on Tuesday and stated, “I’m not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter.”

This young man was arrested and charged with threats of mass violence.

Although, Nathan Ener – white, racist, male out of Texas made the same threat to African Americans and there was no arrest made.

Who’s more likely to kill – a 20 year old with a tweet, or an old white man in a video with a shotgun?



Ludacris Sues Texas Couple Over Use Of “Disturbing Tha Peace”

That’s ludicrous.

Ludacris Sues Texas Couple

Via TMZ reports:

Ludacris says his record label “Disturbing tha Peace” has a reputation to uphold — so he’s slapping a Texas couple with a lawsuit accusing them of jacking his company’s name.

Luda — real name Chris Bridges — filed legal docs this month … claiming Demetri and Donna Evans-Brown are illegally using the phrase “Disturb The Peace” for their audio equipment biz and musical recordings.

But Luda says he’s owned the trademark for “Disturbing tha Peace” since 2003 — it’s also the title of his 2005 album — and the couple’s use of a similar name will confuse customers and ruin his primo rep.

Luda is asking a judge to force the Browns to stop using the trademark ASAP — and he’s suing for damages, plus attorneys’ fees.

When you starting a company or putting out a new product make sure you do your homework and find what name is LEGAL to use. For example, if you were to open a fast food joint and name it Burger King, don’t should be surprised if people with suits walk in to know whats up.

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Texas Law Passed Banning Planned Parenthood From Health Program Funding

These rich white men need to step out of women’s health care issues for real!

Texas opposed government funding for Planned Parenthood clinics because the organization provides abortions and their Governor, former Presidential Candidate (and idiot) Rick Perry, applauded the decision.

According to CNN:

Texas won another battle against Planned Parenthood this week.

A federal appeals court, on Thursday, refused to grant another hearing to the organization, a decision that stops the organization’s fight against Texas’ effort to ban state funding for Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry applauded the decision, by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Today’s ruling affirms yet again that in Texas the Women’s Health Program has no obligation to fund Planned Parenthood and other organizations that perform or promote abortion. In Texas we choose life, and we will immediately begin defunding all abortion affiliates to honor and uphold that choice,” Perry said.

The decision continues a legal struggle that has been going on for months.

The Texas Women’s Health Program provides about 130,000 low-income women with family planning exams, related health screenings and contraception…The state said in March that it was willing to give up funding from Washington and run the Women’s Health Program itself.

It then adopted a rule that required clinics funded by the program to certify they do not perform abortions or are not affiliates of entities that perform abortions.

In a letter to Texas officials in March, Medicaid Director Cindy Mann said the state’s decision was regrettable. It would, she said, “prevent women enrolled in the program from receiving services from the trusted health care providers they have chosen and relied on for their care.”

Planned Parenthood sued Texas, winning an injunction against the law by arguing that abortion is constitutional and Texas’ efforts would block women’s access to preventive health care. But a federal court later ruled in favor of Texas.

When will they realize that Planned Parenthood does so much more than provide abortions??

Now women in Texas who rely on the organization for mammograms, pap smears, and other ob/gyn-related health concerns will have to pay more out-of-pocket fees or find a new Doctor altogether. SMH

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Texas Mom Sets World Record: She Donated 87 Gallons Of Breastmilk

She really is the Dairy Queen…

Alicia Richman Wins World Record For ‘Most Breastmilk Donated’

Via HuffingtonPost:

Alicia Richman of Granbury, Tex. has been declared the new Guinness World Record holder for “Most Breastmilk Donated,” CBS DFW reports. Between June 2011 and March 2012, The 28-year-old mother of one donated 11,115 ounces — or 694 pounds — of breastmilk to charity, according to Guinness. By volume, that’s about 87 gallons.

Richman told CBS that after she gave birth in March 2011, she began pumping and storing her milk, and quickly realized she was producing much more than her son could consume.

When two freezers were chock full of pumped milk, Richman contacted the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, an nonprofit that collects breast milk donations for critically ill and premature infants in need.

Her donations have fed “hundreds, and more likely, thousands of premature babies across the United States,” Amy Vickers, executive director of the milk bank, says in a press release.

Richman says she went for the Guinness record because she wanted to raise awareness for the cause and encourage other women to donate to milk banks.

“I’m so thankful that I’m able to help not only my own baby, Drake, but all of the little babies who need it and are sick,” Richman told News 8. “It really feels amazing and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it.”

What an incredible act! That is dedication (and generosity) on a whole ‘nother level, way to go momma. Yeah, she’s definitely got milk.

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Young Men Accused Of A Series Of Sexual Assaults On An 11-Year-Old In Texas

SMH. This coward is one of over a dozen grown azz men accused of a series of sexual assaults on an 11-year-old in Texas. She was raped in EVERY imaginable way, sometimes by two men at a time and the guy who ran off from the trial is accused of using a beer bottle on her!

One of the men accused in a series of repeated sexual assaults of a young Texas girl disappeared from his trial Wednesday, following a day of emotional testimony from the now 13-year-old girl who cried as a video of one of the encounters was played for jurors.

Testimony continued despite the absence of 20-year-old defendant Eric McGowen, who is one of 14 adults accused of having sex with the girl during a nearly three-month span two years ago. Six juveniles were also charged.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys huddled briefly with Judge Mark Morefield in front of his bench when McGowen failed to return to the courtroom following an afternoon break. The judge then told jurors the trial would go on without him.

Morefield later said a bench warrant had been issued, and McGowen’s bond was increased from $35,000 to $250,000. The judge denied a defense motion for a continuance in the case and said the trial would resume Thursday morning.

“Your client left voluntarily,” Morefield told defense attorney Matthew Poston.

McGowen is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and faces up to life in prison if convicted.

The girl, testifying under a pseudonym, told jurors about two incidents, one in October 2010 and one the next month, in which McGowen and several other men and boys took turns having sex with her while recording the encounters on video.

The girl briefly broke down in tears as jurors were shown a few minutes of video of an alleged October 2010 sexual assault in a house in Cleveland, a small southeast Texas town where she and the defendants lived.

The girl, who was 11 at the time, said she was brought into what she described as the “baby room” in the house, and that McGowen and others took turns having sex with her. She said the video, which several jurors turned away from, was of her being assaulted by another man charged in the case.

“Did the guys just take turns with you?” prosecutor Joe Warren asked.

“Yes sir,” the girl said.

The girl seemed calm for most of the roughly 1½ hours she testified. She mostly gave short answers to questions, often pausing to stare at the floor or ceiling of the Liberty courtroom before responding.

She described another alleged rape that November that started in a different Cleveland home and continued later at a nearby abandoned trailer.

Asked by Warren if more than 20 males might have assaulted her that day, the girl responded, “Probably.”

She also told jurors that McGowen used a beer bottle on her during that incident.

Jurors were later shown police photos of used condoms and condom wrappers found inside and outside the house in the November incident.

Poston, questioned the girl for about six minutes, during which he asked whether she twice told police early in the investigation that she never had sex with McGowen. The girl said she didn’t remember saying that.

Prosecutors say the girl was assaulted on at least five occasions from mid-September through early December of 2010.

Eight of the 20 defendants accused in the case have pleaded guilty, including all six juveniles.

Authorities began investigating that December, after one of the girl’s friends told a teacher he watched a cellphone video of her being raped in an abandoned trailer.

Three people who have pleaded guilty — two adults and a juvenile who has since turned 18 — testified Wednesday.

Isaiah Ross, 22, told jurors he saw McGowen sexually assault the girl with a beer bottle. The other adult, Marcus Porchia, 28, and the teen testified they saw others rape the girl but not McGowen.

Ross and Porchia each received 15 year prison terms. The six juveniles who pleaded guilty each received suspended seven-year prison terms.

The case sparked outrage in Cleveland, a community of roughly 9,000 residents 45 miles northeast of Houston. Early in the investigation, some residents suggested the girl was partly responsible because they say she wore makeup, looked older than her age and wasn’t properly supervised by her parents, drawing widespread condemnation.

The case also has been complicated by a belief among many in the predominantly black neighborhood where several of the suspects live that the arrests were racially motivated. All of the suspects are black, while the girl is Hispanic.

During opening statements Wednesday, Warren told jurors he would present them with videotaped and written confessions in which McGowen admitted to raping the girl. Warren later showed jurors a video in which McGowen admitted to receiving “Becky” from the girl.

“What took place to this girl was nothing better than a pack of animals attacking,” Warren said.

On Tuesday, Poston tried but failed to get the confessions thrown out, arguing that police improperly questioned McGowen.

During his opening statement, Poston told jurors that the video evidence in the case doesn’t show McGowen having sex with the girl.

“The truth in this case is not always what it seems,” he said.

Most of the adult defendants in the case face charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, while four face a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

This story is so crazy… How can a child ever recover from such a thing? 15 years in jail isn’t nearly enough time and the guy who ran off from trial definitely deserves life!

Cleveland Texas Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 8.46.40 AM Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 8.46.22 AM Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 8.46.05 AM Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 8.32.04 AM

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Woman Facing Jail Time For Having Sex With Men & Failing To Mention She Was HIV Positive

Woman Faces Jail Time For Not Telling Boyfriend She Has HIV

How selfish of this woman…

For more than nine months, a former Cobb County woman allegedly kept a big secret from her boyfriend, according to police. She was HIV positive. When her boyfriend found her prescription medication used to treat the virus, he confronted her, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC. Angela London, 41, previously of Marietta, admitted to being infected, according to police.

Then, she moved to Texas. But she could be on her way back to Georgia to face a felony charge of reckless conduct for not informing the victim that she was HIV positive before having sex, according to police.

State law requires that HIV-infected people disclose their infection status to another person prior to sexual activity or before sharing injection drug needles, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

If arrested and returned to Cobb County, London would be jailed on $100,000 bond, her arrest warrant states. No information was available if the former boyfriend has been tested for HIV.

London was the victim’s girlfriend from October until late June, when the boyfriend, whose name was not released, found the medication Zidovudine belonging to London, according to police.

“The victim did not know the accused was HIV positive,” a Marietta police officer stated in the warrant. “The victim confronted the accused about being infected with HIV. She admitted to being infected and left for Texas.”

Investigators believe London is now living in Cedar Hill, Texas, about 15 miles outside of Dallas. Address records show London has lived most of her adult life in Texas.


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Solange Shares Scenic Photos From Texas

Around these parts we look forward to a new Solange blog post the way folks in the desert look forward to rain. This week she posted not one but two sets of photos from a visit to Marfa, TX. Friday she posted a set under the title “Railroading”:

solange in marfa texas



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MLB Player Torii Hunter’s Son Arrested: Student Darius Hunter And Buddies Popped For Sex Assault In “Prosper” Texas [Video]

Torii Hunter Son Darius Hunter Arrested In Prospect For Sexual Assault

While reading this-all I could say was “wow”

The teenage son of a major league outfielder was freed on bond from a Collin County jail Monday after being told he faces serious charges.
On Monday, Prosper police arrested 17-year-old Darius McClinton-Hunter, whose father is Angels outfielder Torii Hunter.
McClinton-Hunter and 17-year-old Garrick White — along with two juveniles — face charges of sexual assault of a child following a month-long investigation.
A third juvenile is also being held for a charge of unlawful restraint of a child.
McClinton-Hunter walked out of the Collin County Jail in McKinney Monday without saying a word on the charges he is facing. Lawyer Todd Shapiro is representing Hunter.
“Of course, he says he’s not guilty,” Shapiro said. “He’s certainly shaken; he’s a 17-year-old kid; and the most important thing for us was getting him out of jail as quickly as possible, and we did. We posted his bond, and he’s going home.”
Police arrested the 17-year-old Prosper High School student and football player for allegedly sexually assaulting a teen.
McClinton-Hunter was apparently handcuffed near his home as he was on his way to school.
WFAA has learned the alleged victim is a 16-year-old girl, and that the incident happened off-campus.
“He’s a very good student, a very good athlete,” Shapiro said about his client. “He’s got a lot going for him; he still does have a lot going for him, and he will have a lot going for him. It’s just, as you can imagine, if you’re a parent, very upsetting when your kid gets arrested.”
Torii Hunter was placed on the Angels’ restricted list Monday to deal with what the team would only say was a “personal matter.” Hunter was expected to return to Texas to be with his son.
The four other teens arrested include 17-year-old Garrick White, also a student and football player at Prosper High. He remained behind bars late Monday night.
The names of the other suspects have not been released because they are minors.
Neither Prosper police nor the Prosper Independent School District have responded to questions about this case from WFAA.
More charges are expected, and the investigation continues.


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