Drake’s High School Commencement Speech [Video]

Congrats Drake! According to Hip-Hop Wired!

Before making it big as an artistDrake starred in a teen drama called, Degrassi: The Next Generation. The popularity of the show caused Drake to drop out of high school, and his subsequent success in music caused him never to go back.

Well a few weeks ago, after months of hitting the books, Drizzy finally graduated from high school. After tweeting his excitement over accomplishing the feat, Drake delivered a commencement speech at Jarvis Collegiate in Toronto, CA.

“What this is about is the art of following through and that’s one of the most important life lessons that my uncle ever taught me,” Drake said in his speech.

Check out the full video below.


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Drake Is Spending His 2012 Summer Finishing High School

While kickin it at a hooka joint Drake spoke on all the drama going on with his managers getting sued by his “discoverer” Jas Prince.  He also told the world he’s getting his high school diploma in Toronto this summer.

Drake lets everyone knows-no matter who files a lawsuite-He’s staying with his young money team!

Drake tweeted his fans stating:

Despite what your daily dose of bullshit may lead you to believe. I am forever about this Young Money team.

As for the lawsuit drama, Business Insider reports:

“A Houston music scion credited with discovering rapper Drake says the artist’s managers are withholding his $100,000 cut of profits and are stiffing Drake, putting ‘the entire Drake business in jeopardy.'”

In total, there are 10 claims against Drake’s current manager Cortez Bryant, Gerald “Gee” Roberson, Derrick Lawrence and the firm Aspire Music Group LLC.

“Prince says he and Bryant agreed to split their share of Drake’s profits. Drake has since sold millions of records and won numerous awards,” reports CNS. “The parties allegedly tried to resolve their differences with a settlement agreement … They were to receive 22 percent of Aspire’s share of profits, 22 percent of Aspire’s ownership share of Drake’s master recordings, and 5 percent of Drake’s gross pay, according to the lawsuit.”

Aspire Music Group has allegedly refused to pay accordingly, and now Prince wants the court to appoint a receiver and bar the defendants from renegotiating their contracts with Drake until they get paid.

Also, Drake told the Canadian publication NOW that he’s spending his summer back in Toronto finishing high school.  Since he left with only 1 credit left a few years ago.

“I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school.  That’s my main focus after OVO Fest. I only have one credit left, and I’m really excited about that.”

To all you artist-don’t do what Drake did-Get an education & rap if thats what you want to do-but if you have to choose GET THE EDUCATION!


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