Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Toya Celebrates Her 29th With Her Girls! [Photos]

Toya threw it down for her birthday over the weekend and from the looks of things, she and her girls had a slizzard ladies night out.

She partied at Do not disturb Fridays at Room Service Miami in South Beach and we’ve got exclusive pics for you to view.

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Toya Wright Speaks Up About Her $1 Million Lawsuit Over ‘Priceless Inspirations’

Toya Wright has spent the last two years plugging her New York Bestseller, ‘Priceless Inspirations’ so it was a surprise this week when publisher ‘Farrah Gray Publishing, sent out a press release stating that they would be suing the BET reality star for $1 million dollars. According to the lawsuit, Toya failed to promote the book according to the contract and she “purposefully and maliciously” went behind the company’s back to sell her book through “unauthorized venues” which has caused a huge loss in profits. Farrah Gray, owner of the company, has terminated the agreement but says that since Toya didn’t negotiate the termination clause in the contract, he owns the rights to the book. He also wants Toya to pay his legal and court fees in the suit. Dang.

After news of the pending lawsuit made it’s rounds, Toya took to her Twitter to address the lawsuit while claiming that Farrah Gray is the one that owes her money:

The things people do for Attention. SMH

Please beware of who u do business with….not everybody is happy for your success. #thedevilisaliar

you must really be BROKE….. u trying to sue me for 1 million dollars. for whAt??? give me 1 good reason.

how are you gonna sue me when you owe me money?????#wheretheydothatat

let me remind you Farrah Grey……are you forgetting that “Priceless Inspirations” was your 1st and only NY times bestseller.‪#imjustsayin‬

Another lawsuit from Farrah Grey….. It can’t be the authors. U need to take a look at yourself. #Getittogether

im so sorry tweethearts….but i refuse to let anyone lie on me. i did all i can do to sell my book and promote it. so all of this is BS!

Toya’s rep also came to her defense in a press release which states that Toya did absolutely nothing wrong:

“Mrs. Wright consistently went above and beyond her contractual obligations which included: Self- funding a college tour promoting Priceless Inspirations, Cross promotion of her Ampro endorsement by placing the book cover on Ampro products nationwide and allowing Farrah Gray Publishing the platform to promote her book on her highly successful reality show on Black Entertainment Television.”

This is going to be interesting. Who do you believe?

Sister 2 Sister

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Toya, Memphitz, Reginae, Da Brat & More Hit The “Battleship” ATL Screening

It’s always going down in the A!!!

According to theybf: Last night at AMC Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, your fave southern celebs put on their club best to catch the screening of Battleship.  Check out Toya & fam, Marlo HamptonDa Brat 

It was family time at last night’s Battleship screening for the Wrights.  Memphitz, Toya & youngin’ Reginae hit up the red carpet screening.

Sometimes it seems like Toya just got a bunch of new stuff earlier that day and threw it all together so she can wear it all at once.  Cute look, but would have loved a nude bag with this though.

Hew Memphitz…and your zebra shorts.

RHOA chick Marlo Hampton looked nice in an all white look.  Loving the pantsuit with a neon pop of color in her shoes.

Oh Kalenna.  The former Dirty Money chick felt bright and shiny today…in more ways than one.  Just so many things arguing for my visual attention here.  And I don’t like that feeling.

Speaking of not liking something… hairstylist & reality tv personality Derek J busted up on the scene with sunny yellow skinny pants, an orange long sweater and matching heels and….whatevs.

Da Brat had a relapse of timing again as she rocked a look any 12-year-old boy would love.  Why Brat?  The backpack too?  WHY?

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Lil Wayne Baby Mama Toya & Her Man MempHitz Has a New Wal-Mart Clothing Line


According to Theybf:

MempHitz, the rapper/producer husband of reality star Toya Wright, recently talked about his upcoming projects and expanding his brand with his music, a new clothing line at Wal-Mart and a reality show called “The Mistresses.” Yeah, the one we were all in shock was actually happening.  Get the deets inside…..

Cutie MempHitz recently chatted with Its Only Entertainment where he confirmed that new reality show we previously posted about, “The Mistresses,” a clothing line from both himself and his wife (who he romantically gushes about) at Wal-Mart, and he dished on his upcoming artists and how he plans to reach billionaire status.  Here are the highlights: 

IOE: You went through the whole process of interning, being the coffee boy and running errands that you didn’t want to do and didn’t go to school for, but you didn’t give up. What advice do you have for an intern who wishes to follow in your footsteps?

Memphitz: I would tell them that if its really what they want to do they will stick through whatever they got to stick through to get there. The way they do whatever job they’re doing is being watched everyday. How hard they go, how passionate they are about the smallest of things, it’s being seen. You’re being graded whether you know you’re being graded or not. You can’t go in there with this time frame in your head of how long its going to be before you should be popping. It varies, you just have to be willing to be humbled enough to stick in there to do what it takes until you get that opportunity. First, you have to know when that opportunity shows its face because all opportunities aren’t blatant opportunities. You have to do what you have to do and do what your told. You should always be sharpening your blades for when that opportunity comes for you to play something that you heard or play something that you think is hot. Nobody likes an intern that playing is music that nobody asked them to play. I would just be known for being around hotness because you have to know that one day if its meant for you its for you, that opportunity will show its face and you just need to be ready. Don’t rush it. Be ready for it when it knocks on your door.

IOE: Now lets talk about the married life. You are still a newlywed in a sense. How is married life working out with your busy schedule?

Memphitz: It’s pretty cool, I love being married. It focuses me. I’ve never been this focused. When I wasn’t married, I was focused but a certain percentage of my focus was on things that is not on my mind now like the girls and things that come with the business. But now that I’m married I’m just so focused. My wife knows how this business works already so it’s like she knows how my life works and she understands my life and she knows the things I’m encountered with at times. At the same time, she has my back and I love her for that. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I really look at her as a blessing from God, like shes a gift to me and it’s something I cherish.

IOE: That’s so sweet! How do you both handle being in the spotlight?

Memphitz: We both know the entertainment business so we both know what it is. We both come from a background of entertainment whether directly or indirectly so when we get home we’re best friends. We’ve been friends since we met. She’ll go her way and I’ll go mine and we meet when we’re at home. We talk all the time.

IOE: You and Toya are great role models for other couples. How do you keep your marriage so strong and what advice you have for other couples?

Memphitz: Times aren’t always good in relationships because u can’t expect perfection- that just doesn’t exist on this planet. I would say just try to stay friends and stay dating. Dating is a big part of it. All the stuff I did before we were married, I try my best to do those tihings now. So every once and while try and do something that you used to do when you were dating. Try and stay dating even though its not dating anymore because you have taken it a little further, it’s still fun to date each other every once and a while. You’re going to have your ups and downs. That’s to be expected. Anyone who says they are always on the ups is a lie. That’s not real. Just keep dating. That’s all I can really tell you. If the two of you are really meant for each other it wont be so hard to keep dating

IOE: Aside from being an A&R and discovering new music talent, what are some of the other business ventures you are currently working on?

Memphitz: Right now, I have a reality show I’m working on called “The Mistresses”. That’s just one of many shows that I have that’s kind of attacking certain issues in life but at the same time there is a lesson to be caught inside of them. There’s a lesson to be caught in the string of shows I am about to do although it may be ugly in the beginning, there are lessons to be learned. My wife and I just did a deal with Ampro Hair products so that’s something we’ve been working on. Walmart just offered to put our clothing lines in their stores starting July 1st for the going back to school season. She’s working on her line and I am working on mine. Signing Key Swag to Interscope Records right now. I don’t want to put too much on myself, but im working towards a billion dollars. Like I always speak billions! I wouldn’t mind 1.5 billions dollars! I will get to the moon.

Check out the full interview over at IOE.

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Toya Wright’s PHOTOSHOOT With Reginae & Bria Williams
















Author and reality star Toya Wright just sat for a fab photoshoot with Robert Ector.

Toya Wright and her new brown tresses recently tweeted a few flicks from her ATL photoshoot with Robert Ector.  Not sure what publication it’s for, but pretty pics nonetheless.

She gave props to her team saying,

The Ampro Gel spokeswoman and her spokesman hubby Memphitz will be doing press days at Wal-Mart today in ATL.

Robert tweeted that Baby’s daughter Bria and Toya and Lil’ Wayne’s daughter Reginae were also a part of the shoot…..

Madam Prezident’s Response: I met Toya IN THE MALL-& She was too Hollywood for me, her biggest accomplishment is allowing Wayne to get a Nut off! Why she Hollywood?! *Shrug shoulder*

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