Welcome To Chicago: “A Place Where 6 Month Old Babies Take Bullets To The Face”

Madam Prezident

I wrote this poem for the lives lost in Chicago due to senseless gang violence.

Welcome to Chicago
The Place of the cold case
Where 6 month old babies take bullets to the face
Welcome to Chicago
“Where you have to stop”
When you hear gun shots
Hit the floor
And hope a bullet
Doesn’t come through the door
“Welcome to Chicago”
The place where you hear
Of caskets being lowered to the ground
You hear Mothers WEEP
Beyond caskets going 6ft deep
Where our schools system
Is a fools system
Place our children at the bottom of the pool system
You got 1 teacher to 30 kids
All in room
So in actuality you got 1 teacher
To 30 dreams that’s all trying to bloom
And our children want hugs and love
Instead of a community flooded with drugs
They want grade level books
So they won’t have infantile education and knowledge
They want to have the conversation about
“Where they’re going to college”
And they want their father’s home
Instead of 26th and California
Where it’s not sunny
Our children still make time to laugh
But it’s not “funny”
“The deconstruction of the black family”
To get a piece of this American Pie
Ain’t No piece of cake
They’ve already labeled us as 3/5ths of a man
Which explains the high unemployment rates
‘To the black race
Where he can place his angels across a Chicago skyline
Reduces a young man’s jail time
Change POVERTY into Prosperity
Decrease the high school drop-out rate
And Increase the college graduate rate
Make No mistake about God’s grace
Even a place where bullets are flying
Children are dying
And mothers are crying
There is still a HIGHER POWER
That Channel 5, 7, and 9 News won’t acknowledge at the top of the hour
And his blessings exceeds the height of the Sears tower
A place where God calms a storm
A place where
Some of your best black doctors, lawyers, surgeons, authors, and play writers were BORN!
Where the struggle still exist
A place where we work hard
For low wages, pay high taxes,
No matter how good or bad it may get
By: Madam Prezident

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Kamara Taylor: Black Women & The Fight Against Cancer

Robin Roberts By Madam P

Ad Created by Madam Prezident

By: Kamara Taylor

With crime being ever so rampant in minority communities, we tend to overlook the biggest threat and killer that continues to destroy homes and the family dynamic.  This terrible menace is CANCER.

As Angelina Jolie has become the face of the BRCA 1 gene by removing both breasts to prevent the likelihood of cancer occurring, most African American women are the largest carriers of the triple negative gene.  This form of cancer is not associated directly with the hormonal characteristics of developing cancer, but genetics.

My mother, Minnie D. Taylor, was diagnosed with stage four triple negative stage breast cancer on March 27, 2013 at the age of 50 and was dead by July 8, 2013.  Being made aware of this deadly disease goes beyond the monthly self-exams that women are informed to do and the knowledge required goes beyond the text book knowledge from the oncologist.

Sometimes medicine remains as much as a big box business as Wal-Mart or Costco and the merchandise is at the expensive of our loved ones lives.  Just as Henrietta Lacks and her HeLa cells have been used to pioneer medicine, many of our loved ones are medical guinea pigs for eager medical students, burnt out residents and overzealous attendees.

Cancer is not a new disease; however its rampant spread in the African American community has and should raise eyebrows.  We also need more awareness on how we are affected firsthand as cancer’s ugly head continues to sphere its way into our communities and is just as rampant as crime.

The pharmaceutical companies and the oncology departments are cancerous, as well.  They continue to capitalize off a disease that we lack knowledge about and refuse to educate ourselves on.  Please let’s make ourselves aware so that we can prevent our families from inexplicably losing another Minnie D. Taylor ever so soon.


Kamara Taylor

Kamara A. Taylor

Masters of Art Political Science

Phd candidate Cognitive and Instructional Psychology


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Madam Prezident: Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Ask Your Man For Money

Shanelle Walker

By: Madam Prezident

I was talking to a friend, and she began to tell me about her financial instability. I listened to her thoroughly, and she went on & on. Now let me tell you, I don’t have any friends with a “Trust Fund” that I know of. I understand the financial struggle of black people, or all of America.

As she explained her financial burdens, I asked her, “Did you ask your man for any money”? She said, “No”. Then she said, “I don’t feel comfortable asking him for any money”.

The truth of the matter is, a man should not feel comfortable watching you struggle.

I’m not talking about making sure you in Gucci, and gold. I’m talking about lights, gas, and rent; the required necessities to live.

A real man that loves his woman does not want her to ask her friends for money, nor does he want to see her struggle. A real man knows how to provide, but ladies you cannot be afraid to ask your man for things that you need. I’m very sure when he is horny he has NO PROBLEM letting you know.

My grandma says, “Even a fool know what to do with that a$$”. If you with a man, that can’t help you financially in your time of need, but he can put rims on his car, stay in the latest fashion, and travel.–then it’s time for you to leave. 

Now you work and go to school, but he can’t help you the “few” times you need help. I’m sorry to inform you “you don’t have a man.”

Make sure you understand, I’m not approving gold digging, however if you can’t ask someone for something who you share your thoughts, secrets, and body; then you are obviously with the wrong man.

I can assure you the right man; you won’t  have to ask for anything.

He knows when your times are hard. He will call you and say, “Here is the hair money, nail money, book money, here is a grand on tuition”.

Remember these words; “Love and care are two different things”. You don’t want to be in love with a person who doesn’t CARE about you and your well being.

And like your mother use to say “caring is sharing”!!! (Wink)


Madam Prezident

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4 Things Young Black Women Should Remember When Dating


By: Madam Prezident 

70% of African American women are unmarried. Although that’s a large amount of unmarried black folk—it’s a harsh reality. Being an African American woman currently on the dating scene, I noticed a few mistakes that we as women make when meeting someone new. These mistakes are the top 4 things that keep us single.

1)    Clingy

Stop being clingy—if you are the clingy type, then stop. It’s not a bad thing to desire the presence of someone you like, but when you are forcing your connection oppose to allowing it to take it’s natural course, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. I am a strong believer that we all make time for the people and things that are important to us. If you think you need to be clingy to keep his interest, then it’s apparent he’s not that interested in you.


2)    Expectations

Have clear expectations when you meet someone new. If you are looking to date long-term, short-term or you’re just “kickin’ it“—take the time to let the prospective dater know. One of our biggest mistakes as women is our inability to be “straight up“.  When a man is solely interested in you sexually, he doesn’t hesitate to tell you. Having clear expectations will save you a lot of time, and from long pointless dates.


3)    Don’t Date Potential

For some reason, black women like to date men who have the potential of being a good, employed, or strong man. This kind of behavior needs to stop. You don’t walk on a car lot to purchase a dependable car, and allow the dealer to show you a non-operable car—telling you it has the potential to run.  If you work fulltime and you want your man to work full time then date a man who has a job.  If you’re a Christian woman who wants a church going man, then don’t meet the guy at the club and pray he desires to attend church—date the brother at the church. We have to date a man’s reality not his potential.


4)    Do Not Have Sex on the 1st Date

If you’re not looking for a relationship that is solely sexual, then don‘t start the relationship off with sex.  I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve had “some“, and you’re probably in orgasmic hiatus, but don’t be desperate and careless by being sexually active with a man that you barely know. Many women like to use the philosophy of being a “grown woman” who can handle sexual intercourse without any attachment as their justification for sleeping with men expeditiously. In actually it’s a lie. I do not believe it is humanly possible for a woman to have anything on the inside of her and not be attached. God did not create us that way. If you want something more than sex, then don’t make sex the foundation of your relationship. In other words, make him wait.

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Three West Memphis, AR Teens Charged With Rape Of A Special Needs Boy


By: Madam Prezidentthreememphisboysforrape

Yesterday, I had a surprise visit from my teenage cousin. As we sat and talked about current events in his life, and discussed current event in the News he informed me of a very painful story. He stated, “There were three boys charged with rape at my high school for raping a special needs student inside the bathroom.” Instantly my heart dropped.  He explained, “After the boy was raped, he went to the principal’s office and he was told to go back to class.” I researched this information and found the story on a Memphis News site.  These young men are sick. I don’t know what’s happening in America, but something is happening or not happening.


The victim told police he was going to the bathroom when the three suspects came up behind him and forced him to the ground. He said one victim held him down while a second assailant raped him. Afterwards the victim went to report the incident to the principal, but told officers he was sent back to class. He called a family member after school, who then notified the police. After talking to investigators, the victim was taken to MSARC in Memphis to be tested for evidence of sexual assault.

Terrence Jones, Kenneth Bedford and Orlando Hamilton are all charged as adults for rape and first degree battery, and are awaiting trial in Crittenden County Court.


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Madam Prezident: Ciara Says “The N-Word Doesn’t Mean The Same Thing Today As It Did Many Years Ago”


Ciara Says, The N-Word Doesn’t Mean The Same Thing Today As It Did Many Years Ago

Ciara stopped by Access Hollywood to discuss her upcoming video with Nicki Minaj titled “I’m Out”, but before she got to speak on her recent music projects, she was asked to state how she felt about the use of the N-word. Ciara had a lot to say about the use of the N-word and Paula Deen’s recent N-word encounter.

Ciara explanation to the use of the N-word was very clear. In different words she said, the use of the N-word is different when she uses it.  Do you agree?

“As an entertainer you have fun and it’s all about the context it’s used in. I am an AfricanAmerican woman, so I can identify with that word in different ways, It’s all about the context and in my case I know I can have fun because I know where I’m coming from with it. You have to be light-hearted and it has to be in a certain way. I cannot hear another person of another race saying, ‘you this’ like ‘you that.’ Again, it’s all about how you say it and what context it’s used in.

That word has as much power as you give it.

“That word is so old that it references the context of where it comes from. I want to make sure I’m clear about that, it doesn’t mean that same thing that it could have meant years ago, especially when we can have fun about it.”

Regardless of what Ciara says, we must be accountable for our words. If we constantly excuse ourselves for using the N-word then we cannot moan and cry when someone from another race uses it against us; no matter what context it’s in.  The host from ‘Access Hollywood’ put Ciara on blast by publicly stating on camera that her music has frequent use of the N-word.

Check out the video below.

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Kanye West New Slaves




Kanye West is back with his New Single NEW SLAVES! He’s shocked the world with his new song New Slaves!

Madam Prezident and Dr. Kimberly Brown discusses Kanye West’s new song and the relevancy that it has to today’s African American community.


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President Obama Cries Reading Statement On The Connecticut School Shooting Massacre [Video]

President Barack Obama tried to hold back tears while reading a statement on today’s tragic mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut.



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Elementary School Shooting Reported in Connecticut, 20 Kids and 6 Adults Killed

police are reporting that there has been a shooting at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

According to The Hartford Courant, shortly after 9:40 AM, one shooter was reported in the main office of the elementary school and one victim had numerous gunshot wounds.

Details have not been confirmed, but the Newtown Bee is reporting that a police officer carried a seriously wounded child from the building. (The Courant reported that the shooter dead).

USA reports:

Groups of students — some crying, some holding hands — were being escorted away from the school by their teachers. Some students were still in the school at 10:30 a.m., parents said.

CNN reports:

[Updated at 11:10 a.m. ET] Details are still really sketchy, but we now have a photo from the Newtown Bee of children being led from the scene.

[Updated at 11:03 a.m. ET] We’re still getting details in of how many people may have been hurt.

Chicago Tribune reports:

A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps says a teacher has been shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital.

State police sources said one shooter is dead. Earlier reports of a second shooter are unconfirmed. A person in one room had “numerous gunshot wounds,” police said.

There are reports of multiple injuries, but the only confirmed death is that of the suspected shooter. It is unclear whether the shooter was taken down by police or whether he took his own life. The entire area surrounding the school is currently on lockdown.

UPDATE: CBS News reports that one child has been confirmed dead. 

UPDATE: At least 20 killed, and at least 10 of those killed were children. 

UPDATE:  Reuters confirms that six adults and 20 kids were killed.

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Plane of singer Jenni Rivera missing in Mexico

According to Yahoo:

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — A small plane carrying popular Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera went missing Sunday after taking off from the city of Monterrey, said authorities in northern Mexico.

The mayor of the town of Iturbide in Nuevo Leon state, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, said a plane had been located in the municipality of Los Tejocotes, but it has not been confirmed that it is the plane Rivera was travelling in.

Jorge Domene, spokesman for Nuevo Leon’s government, said he didn’t have any knowledge of her plane being found.

Domene said the Rivera’s plane left Monterrey about 3:30 a.m. local time after a concert there and aviation authorities lost contact with the craft about 10 minutes later. It had been scheduled to arrive in Toluca, which is located outside Mexico City, about an hour later. A search for the plane is under way with civilian protection agency helicopters flying over the state.

Seven people including her publicist, lawyer, makeup artist and the flight crew were believed to be aboard the U.S.-registered Learjet 25, the ministry of transportation and communication said in a statement.

Alejandro Argudin, of Mexico’s civil aviation agency, said Sunday afternoon that Rivera’s plane was still listed as missing.

The 43-year-old who was born and raised in Long Beach, California, is one of the biggest stars of the Mexican regional style known as grupero music, which is influenced by the norteno, cumbia and ranchera styles.

The so-called Diva of the Banda recently won two Billboard Mexican Music Awards: Female Artist of the Year and Banda Album of the Year for “Joyas prestadas: Banda.” Her famous songs include “La Gran Senora” and “De Contrabando.”

The singer, businesswoman and actress appeared in the movie Filly Brown, as the incarcerated mother of Filly Brown, and has her own reality shows including “I Love Jenni” and “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis and Raq-C” and her daughter’s “Chiquis ‘n Control.”

Rivera had given a concert before thousands of fans in Monterrey on Saturday night. After the concert she gave a press conference during which she spoke of her emotional state following her recent divorce from former Major League Baseball pitcher, Esteban Loaiza who played for teams including the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers.

“I can’t get caught up in the negative because that destroys you. Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best I can do. I am a woman like any other and ugly things happen to me like any other woman,” she said Saturday night. “The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.”

The mother of five children and grandmother of two had announced in October that she was divorcing Loaiza after two years of marriage. It was her third marriage.

Rivera is the sister of Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera. Patricia Chavez of Lupillo Rivera’s office in the United States told The AP that “for now we don’t have any information that would be useful.”


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