Vegas Pimp Raymond “Rollin” Sharp Gets Three Life Sentences For Beating His H*es

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and this time-that’s a good thing.

Pimp Down!: Vegas Pimp Raymond “Rollin” Sharp Caught Beating His Hoes Gets 3-Life Sentences [Video]


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  1. Jacqueline says:

    He getting just what the hell he deserves!!!!

  2. Tokunboh says:

    Even though I believe this man was sick and deserved some punishment I feel three life sentences is severe. I mean we sentenced Charles Manson to one term of life. We sentenced the Nigerian Underwear Bomber to one term of life. Hell ex-BART police officer Johannes Mehserle got a scant two years for shooting a handcuffed, unarmed Oscar Grant in the back, killing him. So THREE life terms for assault is kinda excessive ….just saying.

  3. LarryJ says:

    Yo, Raymond, now the real jailhouse gangsters and going to pimp and whip your punk azz in prison. I can almost hear you yelling for your momma………And bro, do not forget to buy some petroleum jerry with them Devil Dogs from the commissary. Your azz hole is about to be ripped open…….

  4. Paul D says:

    The cat that caught him is bad ass here in Vegas, he has like a vendetta against pimps or something. I read his book…it was tight!

  5. Miss Sharpe says:

    u bitch made people don’t know the full story so stop talkin shit about my father worthless ass freaks…

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