White People Will Call Bruce Jenner “Caitlyn” But Refuse To Stop Calling Blacks Ni**as

Hanks Boy I’m sorry Chet, but hanging out with black rappers does not give you the right to use the “N” word.

As a rapper, you have the creative ability to create words, and the only word you could connect with in hip-hop is the “N” word?


Chet, you’ve inspired me. You’ve rumbled the graves of my ancestors and I don’t like it.

“To Be A Ni**a”

Ni**a is a term “we” had to answer to because we had no choice 

We couldn’t say anything about it because we had no “voice” 

For 245 years – it was Ni**a this and Ni**a that

For 245 years America was catching ni**as

Shipping Ni**as, tradin ni**as, rapin Ni**as, and Hangin Ni**as

Not the hanging that you and your boys do 

Sittin in the studio, smoking weed

This hangin

Men, women, and children actual bodies hung from trees 

See, It cost to be a Ni**a

& Today’s price is different from the time our ancestors were sold from 16-1800’s

But, you wanna rap about “ni**a shit” 

while you’re in VIP sipping on 1800

Your historical knowledge of the word “ni**a” starts with hip-hop

but that word is rooted from the 1600’s – white folks start using it 

And we never stopped

Nas, one of the greatest rappers alive

Had a descendent of his family sold in slavery for $800 dollars 

And a rich white boy want to use the “N” word & rant about it to his twitter & Instagram followers  

You’ll never know what it feels like to be followed in your neighborhood and killed by George Zimmerman Cause he thinks that you’re just a nigga 

Or to be gunned down like Mike Brown 

and left in the street 

cause a “ni**a” is all the PD see 

Or to be Eric Garner – choked to your death 

And video taped without help

You wont know what it feels like to be a ni**a

To get the lowest pay on the job

To be the first person in the office 

And the last one to leave, but promotions pass you by

& you have to sit and pretend like you don’t know why

You’ll never know what it feels like to be a ni**a

Be the descendent of slaves 

And have grandparents that only made it to the 5th grade 

Cause education is something they weren’t privy to

You’ll never know what it feels like to be a ni**a 

To be dehumanized because of the color of your skin 

To be captured in a country of christians 

But being black is the biggest sin 

You won’t know what it feels like to be a ni**a 

To win an oscar every blue moon

To put fear in peoples heart just cause you’ve walked into a room

There’s a price we pay in America for being ni**as 

And it doesn’t just come with a beat behind it and hook 

Nor will it be found in most history books

Bruce Jenner was a man for 65 years – within 24hours 

He changed his name 

Told the world to call him Caitlyn Jenner 

& they did 

Slavery ended 150 years ago & they still calling us Ni**a(s)

No, hip hop does not give you the right to pick parts of our culture as justification for using the term Ni**a

Throw the word all over your beat if you want too…

But don’t ever think you know what a “ni**a” been through 

Madam Prezident



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    Totally agree

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